Your BAC at High Altitude | Infographics

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Many people believe you become drunker the higher the altitude you are drinking at. However, that is not true. Your blood alcohol content is always the same regardless of your elevation. The reason this belief has lasted is because you actually feel different drinking at higher elevation. However, that is not entirely due to the alcohol.

The reason people feel drunker drinking at higher elevations is because it is harder for the body to survive. In fact everything is harder for the body to function properly. You digest food slower, you become dehydrated faster, and generally overall, more energy is spent simply staying alive. For that reason, when drinking, you believe you are becoming more drunk. However, what you are really feeling are the affects of drinking at high elevation. You would feel other affects from running or working out as well compared to doing those activities at sea level.


Your BAC at High Altitude | Infographics

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This chart explains what is felt at specific BAC levevls, the difference in alcohol content for different drinks, and a few statistics on DUI and crashes related to DUIs. The most important thing to remember is that everyone should drink resoinsibly and under no circumstances should anyone ever drink and drive.

The designer of this infographic is Erin Tran. If you enjoyed this piece you can follow me on Twitter @CustParadigm. When I’m not helping Colorado tourists learn how to acclimate to our higher elevations, I’m learning about the behavior of drunk driving from a Boulder DUI lawyer.

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