Why Does A Human Component Matter? | Infographics

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DDoS mitigation systems are commonplace today as hackers find ever more innovative and cunning ways to compromise the security of target websites. A DDoS mitigation system works by automatically filtering and analyzing the millions of data points that converge and travel through your website every minute. The software compares those data points against stored DDoS attack metrics – when a string of data points matches those established metrics, the system sends up a warning and the software neutralizes the DDoS attack. However, such systems are fallible because they cannot handle newer attack metrics that are not recorded in their database.

Why Does A Human Component Matter? | Infographics

Why Does A Human Component Matter, Infographics


In addition, they routinely give out false positives. By adding a human component to their DDoS mitigation system, Prolexic can ensure that no DDoS attacks ever make it through their mitigation system. A trained technician can recognize and catch newer attack metrics that the software cannot, thereby adding a dual layer of unbeatable protection to your site.

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