What Is A Tweet? | Infographics

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Have you set up your Twitter account yet? If you haven’t then you should, because this social network is more popular than ever. Even Facebook is now taking pointers from the site, adding hashtags to their feature list.

Need a refresher course on how to tweet? Here is a quick explanation.


A tweet is a status message that shows up on your profile. Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter is an open platform that lets anyone view your profile unless you lock it up in the privacy settings. So every time you start tweeting, you are potentially launching a conversation with others across the web, anywhere in the world.

In order to keep these organized, they are grouped together using something called hashtags. These are keywords following a # sign that can be clicked on to find others under the same topic, searched or used to create context or add emotion/description. If you were to write “Finally joined Twitter! #LateToTheParty”, it would provide depth to the initial post.

You can also retweet posts. This is when you see something on someone else’s profile you really like, and want to share it with your own list. Hitting Retweet under the post will publish it on your profile while giving credit to the person you took it from. Your tweets can also be retweeted in the same way.

What Is A Tweet? 

What Is A Tweet? | Infographics

What Is A Tweet? | Infographics

One thing to keep in mind is that all tweets have to be 140 characters or less. This is called micro-blogging, so if you have a lot to say it will have to be broken up over multiple tweets. Otherwise, you will want to post it elsewhere, such as on a regular blog, then tweet the link. Links are all made shorter by Twitter, a convenient feature that gives you more room for a description.

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