UK Debt Statistics and Analysis – 2013

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Attitudes to debt have certainly changed in the UK in recent years, but debt is still a reality for many people throughout the country. Credit Action release detailed monthly statistics which show personal debt levels in the UK, and this infographic summarizes the key figures for January 2013.

So we know that the total personal debt in the UK at the end of January 2013 was an eye-watering £1.422 trillion, and that the average household owed £53,972 excluding mortgages – no major changes from the previous month. The average UK adult owed just under £29,000 in January (including mortgages) and just over £3,000 excluding mortgages.

January 2013 UK Debt Statistics


Wondering how much interest that all adds up to? It’s an average of £2,282 per year, per household, which totals £165 million a day across the UK (or more than £60 billion over the course of the year).

Whilst the days of cheap, easy credit are long gone, the problems of bankruptcy and insolvency remain; someone is declared insolvent or bankrupt every 5 minutes and 12 seconds in the UK! In addition, 84 homes are repossessed every day (one every 17 minutes), and around 1,500 people are made redundant on a daily basis. It’s no surprise then, that the Citizens Advice Bureaux deals with well over 8,000 new debt problems every working day.

Debt problems continue to make life hell for large numbers of people, but spreading information and helping ensure people are educated about debt will make a difference. So be sure to share thisinfographic, and do your bit for a society struggling to regain control of its finances!

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