Top 7 Things You Need to Know about Father’s Day

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Top 7 Things You Need to Know about

Father’s Day


Father’s Day history may be much older than we actually believe it to be, and it is celebrated in different time in different countries. Let’s see how long since Father’s Day got its first seed, and when people around the world celebrate the day! This infographic will also show the origin of the words “DAD” and “FATHER” we use today. Besides, you will be amazed by the records about the oldest and youngest fathers, and the following interesting statistics about Father’s Day gifts will bring you pleasure. Do you know that females spend more money buying gifts for dad than males? Corn on the cob for Father’s Day recipe will remind you a beautiful childhood memory.

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Most of all, you will see the true meaning of FATHERS at the end. That special poem may be the shortest but most meaningful one. Happy Father’s Day! We love our super Dads!

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