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But somebody’s got to do them. From garbage collector to crime scene cleanup technician, which stomach-turning jobs will have you running for the shower the minute you get home?

They're Dirty Jobs

Geriatric nursing

This job consists of providing care to elderly patients, who frequently are incontinent and/or recovering from surgery. Given the age of the patients they see, these nurses also must become accustomed to dealing with death.

Average salary: $60,783

Lift pump remover

Every time you flush the toilet, the waste travels to a treatment plant for processing. The first stop is the lift pump chamber, which is about five stories high. In the event the pump breaks, the chamber fills with human waste and a worker dressed in a full-body suit and breathing mask goes into the chamber, swims through the sea of excrement to find a cable to manually filter the chamber.

Average salary: $37,000


Estheticians specialize in skin care, mainly focusing on the face. They may apply chemical peels to improve clients’ skin, and often remove blackheads and treat other acne problems.

Average salary: $38,000

Crime scene cleaner

Crime scene cleanup services only come in after a tragedy, whether a homicide, suicide or accidental death. Their job is to remove all biohazards from the area, so they routinely encounter blood and other bodily fluids, bone fragments and other body parts.

Average salary: $39,000


Not only are they responsible for slaughtering livestock, they also disembowel the animals to prepare them for sale on the market.

Average salary: $14,000

Garbage collector

Your trash doesn’t just vanish when you toss it to the curb, garbage collectors are responsible for dumping trash cans and loading trash bags into trucks that then compress the bags of refuse, allowing space for more garbage.

Average salary: $43,000


There’s no way to put this delicately: A proctologist’s living revolves around other people’s butts. They work with the digestive system, including the anus, colon and rectum.

Average salary: $230,000

Emergency medical technician

Called to the scene for medical problems, accidents, violent crimes and other emergencies, they must quickly assess often scary situations and stabilize patients for transport to the hospital. They also live with the risk of continuing violence at emergencies.

Average salary: $30,358

Roadkill collector

The thousands of miles of roads in the United States, unfortunately, often lead to injuries and deaths of animals who wander onto the road. Roadkill collectors are responsible from locating and removing the bodies of animals killed on the roads.

Average salary: $31,200


Caregivers of children encounter all manner of bodily fluids as well as being the main janitors and handymen of the household.

Average salary: None

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