The True Cost of Fluorescents | Infographics

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If you’re like most people, you probably wait until your home is down to two working lights before you go out to buy replacement light bulbs. It is an onerous chore, and the worst of it is that it tends to be expensive. In this stringent economy, price is always a factor, and it can be tempting to pass on LED lights in favor of fluorescent bulbs simply because of the cost. However, LED lights are actually more cost-effective in the long run than fluorescents. A fluorescent light uses about double the energy of an LED light and has less than a third of an LED light’s lifespan.

The True Cost of Fluorescents | Infographics

Cost of Fluorescents, Infographics

In addition, LED lights are safer to use inside your home because they do not emit a lot of heat, thereby significantly reducing the risk of fire. In the end, when you add up the costs, flex LED lights are definitely a better buy in the long run.

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