The History of Plastic

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Plastic! This is such a miraculous material. It can be bent, molded, shaped differently; it can be soft, hard, smooth or textured. For almost any need that we may have and almost any purpose that we may need to fulfill, there is a form of plastic to help us along the way. It is used extensively not only in the industrial settings, but also in our homes, offices, parks, malls – everywhere in our surroundings. We have grown so accustomed to it that we hardly ever notice it or give it a second thought anymore.

The History of Plastic

plastic history

But plastic has not always been there to help us in our daily lives. Just a century and a half ago, this material was not yet invented and people had to rely on other materials for their needs. One thing is certain – life was a lot harder before plastic was invented and developed to the state we have today. In the last 150 years, this material has been developed and diversified tremendously, all thanks to the efforts and ingeniousness of a few clever men and women. Plastic has travelled a long way to get to us in the forms available today, so let’s see how it has evolved throughout the years.

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