The Facts of Lice – Infographic

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Dealing with head lice is something that is never on a parent’s mind until their child or relative gets hit with the annoying bug! However, now that school is in full swing, hair lice have become an issue every parent worries about. This infographic takes a look at the facts of head lice and helps spread awareness about lice statistics and prevention.

The Facts Of Lice – Infographic

This infographic is a great resource for both parents and teachers alike because head lice occur mostly amongst children who come in constant contact with each other. And once someone in your family contracts lice, no one is immune to the possibility of getting lice themselves. It is of utmost importance to check your children for head lice and prepare for the possibility that your son or daughter may get lice. Lice can be a pesky thing to deal with, so get educated on how to help prevent this occurrence for your children and yourself!

Hair Lice Facts

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Maria Botham is the president and founder of Hair Fairies, which she started 13 years ago. She obtained her degree in Physiology from Long Beach University and is fully committed to understanding head lice and educating on how to properly manage the issue.

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