The Evolution Of Jeans

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Jeans are one of the most worn garments on the Planet, with $50 Billion worth of trade in jeans every year. Find out here about jeans, their history and what goes into making them. This is a fun, low impact infographic which will go well on general interest as well as fashion websites.

This infographic charts the history of the innovations we come to take for granted with our modern jeans, from different washes to zippers and the introduction of stretch denim in the 1970’s.

The Evolution Of Jeans

Find out all about the materials used to make Denim for jeans, the colouring used for production and how much the global Jeans industry is worth!

Want to know which is the most popular brand? This infographic gives you headline present time figures on which brands are most searched for in Google, all laid out in a clear and easy to read format.  Easy embed instructions are also available for this infographic via the Jeanstore website.

Sally Stacey works in the Bridal and Fashion industries and has a mean collection of vintage jeans.  An English graduate, Sally grew up through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, seeing the different fashions from jeans manufacturers change over the years.

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