Soccer- the favorite game since time immemorial !

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Soccer- the favorite game since time

immemorial !

The game of soccer has a long and detailed history. It was first invented in England and the game developed there. Football was supposed to have been codified in the year 1863 in London. The major idea behind the development of the game was the unification of the English public school and the University football games. The birth of soccer in the United States happened in November, 1869.

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Football is believed to have come from the ancient Greek game which is known as ‘harpaston’. In literature, it is written that it used to be a very brutal game and a rough one. Harpaston had certain rules. The players were entitled for points if he crossed the goal line by either throwing the ball across the line to some other player, running with the ball across the same line or if he crossed the line by kicking the ball. The goal of the opponent was to stop the players at any cost. There was no such line or length or specific number of players. Football was quite popular ages back and it is still one of the most popular games among the people.

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