Safety Showdown: Motorcycles vs Cars

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Reviewing the safety statistics surrounding motorcycles are automobiles provides an accurate account of just how much more dangerous motorcycles can be than automobiles. There has been far fewer motorcycle accidents since 2010 while there have been a high total of automobile accidents. However, the automobile crash rate is extremely low. The crash rate for motorcycles is around 20 times higher than for automobiles. Older adults are much more likely to die in an accident than other drivers of the same age. Younger adult motorcyclists are even more likely to die in a crash than the average driver of the same age.

Safety Showdown: Motorcycles vs Cars

Motorcycles vs Cars


The youngest adult riders account for around a fourth of motorcycle deaths, middle-aged riders account for slightly over a fifth of the motorcycle deaths and senior motorcyclists account for a third of the deaths. There really is no ideal age for riding a motorcycle without the mortality risks involved. A car crash results in injury or death is around four times less likely than the average for motorcycle accidents. When the collision involves a passenger vehicle and motorcycle, the motorcyclist dies nearly every time. A significant majority of the time, motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents can result in severe road rash that can damage muscles, skin and nerves as well. Some motorcyclists experienced total arm paralysis as well. Motorcyclists can also break joints like the pelvis or shoulder alongside significant facial disfiguration, brain damage or a concussion if not wearing the full-face helmet. Approximately a third of the motorcycle accidents involve alcohol while only the average is only a fourth of the total for automobiles. Around 23 percent of auto accidents are due to speeding while the average for motorcycles is approximately 37 percent. Students, laborers and craftsmen account for the majority of motorcycle accidents in recent times.

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