Popular Items on Ebay | Infographics

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Ebay is favoured by many people. Even if you’re not particularly looking for anything to buy, you can end up making many weird and wonderful purchases that are usually unnecessary! It’s a great place to pass time but it is also a place where a lot of serious purchases happen. Here are some of the most popular items that are sold on Ebay:

There is a car sold every 2 seconds!

A handbag is sold on Ebay every 3 seconds!

A piece of women’s clothing is also sold every 5 seconds!

It might be hard to believe but a CD is sold every 9 seconds on Ebay.

A football shirt is also sold every 9 seconds! We won’t specify which teams are the most popular ones!

A mobile phone is also a popular item that is sold every 21 seconds.

Toys are popular too, toy cars in particular are being sold every 25 seconds!

An mp3 player is sold every minute!

And a teddy bear is sold every 2 minutes.

Along with the teddy bear, golf kits, mens clothing items, and laptops are sold every 2 minutes too!


Popular Items on Ebay | Infographics


Popular Items on Ebay | Infographics

Ebay is a great place to shop for anything and everything! if you’d like to see the most unique items that were sold on Ebay and are still on sale please check out the infographic for a full list!

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