Picking The Perfect Bikini For Your Body Shape | Infographics

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We’ve all been there – summer rolls around, forcing us to reveal more of ourself now we can’t hide under layers of clothing. It’s a time of year that fills some of us with dread as opposed to the excitement it should – and it all comes down to not liking how we look in what we’re wearing. The first thing to know is that there’s nothing wrong with the way you look! You’ve just got to know how to complement your best features, and this handy infographic takes you step by step to picking the right bikini or swimsuit to suite your body shape.

Picking The Perfect Bikini For Your Body Shape 

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Picking The Perfect Bikini For Your Body Shape | Infographics


Whether you’re quite straight up and down, bigger up top than you are down below or even the sought-after hourglass shape, we can all have trouble finding clothes to suit us, but it’s possible for any and all body types to look great at the beach this summer.

This infographic was produced by Tom McShane on behalf of UK Beachwear. Armed with this invaluable advice from this infographic, you should feel confident to buy a swimsuit or bikini that’s made for your body type, and Tom recommends UK Beachwear’s range of designer swimwear.

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