Office Health Tips Infographic

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If you work 40 hours a week in your office, you’re spending roughy one quarter of your life at your workplace. Given how much time is spent in an office environment, there is increasing awareness of the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle while at the office. With this is mind, Solutions Office Interiors, and new and used business furniture provider in the San Francisco Bay Area, has created the following infographic on Office Health Tips.

Office Health Tips Infographic

Office Health Tips Infographic


The infographic is divided into six different sections related to different aspects of health in the workplace, including:

  1. Diet & meal plans
  2. Walking and taking breaks from sitting on a regular basis
  3. Hydration and drinking sufficient water
  4. Stretching and keeping the neck, back, wrist, and ankles
  5. Taking breaks from the computer screen
  6. Ergonomics and the importance of ergonomically-friendly furniture

Please feel free to share your thoughts, questions, and comments on the infographic, and thanks for checking it out!

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