Mercury and Amalgam Fillings by the Numbers | Infograhics

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Mercury is a potent, bioaccumulative toxin, and it continues to make its way into the bodies of people around the globe. You are exposed to it through mercury-containing lighting, electrical/electronic devices and measuring/controlling devices. But among the most dangerous sources of mercury exposure are amalgam fillings, which are 50 percent mercury. Every time you eat, chew, or drink, the amalgam releases a mercury-filled vapor.

Mercury and Amalgam Fillings by the Numbers


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Mercury and Amalgam Fillings by the Numbers | Infographics

The effects of mercury exposure aren’t immediate. This toxin accumulates and over time, you can develop disorders in your brain, nervous system, and kidneys. Mercury exposure can also greatly impact unborn children’s development. This information is essential to everyone, but the painful part is only a small percentage of consumers are aware of these facts. In fact, many dentists deceptively call these amalgams “silver fillings.”
Stay well-informed about the dangers of mercury. This infographic titled “Mercury Dental Fillings: By the Numbers” will provide you with helpful information on mercury pollution, mercury in dentistry, and alternatives to mercury dental fillings.

This infographic will reveal significant information on the dangers of mercury and amalgam filling… by the numbers.

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