London Olympics 2012 Infographics and Analysis

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Its time for London Olympics 2012, And its festival time going on in Britain, People are enjoying every movement of the biggest event of the year. This is the 3rd time that London is organizing the Olympics event, The whole game park would be enough to build 357 Football Stadiums. Here in this page, I’m providing an Infographic related to the London Olympics 2012 which tells you about some interesting facts about the wonderful event.

London Olympics 2012 Infograpics with Analysis and Cool Facts

London Olympics 2012 Infographics

Some Facts related to London Olympics 2012:

  • More than 2000 Kms of Electric Cables are used for this event.
  • About 14 million meals will get served during the event.
  • Over 5,000 paid employees are hired for this event.
  • We could build 357 number of Football stadium within the area used for the event.



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