Infographic: Ways to lose weight

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Healthy weight loss takes time, effort and stamina. Persistence is the keyword in your journey towards strong and beautiful body. Good news! If it is done wisely, you can achieve long lasting results! Nutritionists say that a person should firstly develop balanced eating habits. Today we are drowning in the avalanche of information which makes it difficult to decide which diet to choose?  Should I go with low carbs diet (Paleo diet, Atkins or Zone diet)? Is it better to become a vegetarian? What is the difference between pescatarian, flexitarian or lacto-ovo vegetarian? Weight loss infographic aims to answer these and many other questions. It presents a number of diets as well as highlights the importance of physical exercises because the combination of healthy diet and sport can significantly improve the results.

Infographic: Ways to lose weight


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Finally, the infographic presents weight loss surgery option. When all traditional means seem to fail a person is advised to think about obesity surgery such as gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric band and gastric sleeve. Learn more about healthy lifestyle, choose weight loss method which is right for you and start a journey to a better and happier self!

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