How to Binca | Infographics

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Looking for a fun arts and crafts activity for your kids? One of the most popular cross stitch fabrics for children is Binca. Binca is great because it lets kids create impressive embroidery pieces easily in quick time. If you want to introduce your kids to cross-stitching, Binca is the way to go!

How to Binca | Infographics


How to Binca


Designs can be start off very simple and can easily be sketched onto the Binca using a soft lead pencil. As their skills advance, kids can be taught to stitch up more complex designs for greeting cards, decorations and placemats.

Because it’s a six count fabric, plastic safety needles can be used to keep your kid’s fingers and hands safe from accidents.

This info-graphic gives a simple overview of how to make lovely Binca artwork and illustrates just how easy it is. Check out the bottom of the image for a checklist of the materials you will need to get started.

Isabelle Thomas is an art and design teacher who loves binca, sewing, knitting, and embroidery. She gets all of her school art supplies from Hope Education.

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