How To Avoid Malaria & Lyme Disease | Infographics

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Malaria and Lymes Disease are some of the most worrying infections known to man. Both are transferred through insect bites in much the same way as the great plague was spread by fleas until its disruption by the great fire of London. Over one million people are killed by malaria each year making mosquitos the world’s deadliest insect as it is the main carrier of the disease. Lyme disease is spread by ticks which are most active in winter due to the lack of animals available for feeding on during those cold months and possible due to a requirement for more sustenance in order to survive bitter winters. If you’re worried about contracting either of these diseases you might want to consider purchasing some Nosilife gear which is made with embedded insect replant ensuring you’re less likely to get bitten by any annoying bugs or even disease carrying mosquitos on the prowl for human blood.

How To Avoid Malaria & Lyme Disease |Infographics

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