How Hearing Loss And Your Work Are Related?

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Everyday workers are exposed to loud noise at work which leads to hearing loss. This infographic explains how this happens, how to avoid it and which professions are at risk. Hearing loss isn’t just an issue for the elderly, younger people are developing noise induced hearing loss due to work and loud music.

How Hearing Loss is Related to Your Work – Infographics

How Work Causes Hearing Loss

If a noise is intrusive and you have to raise your voice to be heard in conversation, it is loud enough to cause hearing loss. The decibel level that noise can start to cause damage is 85dB. This level can lead to industrial hearing loss in 8 hours. This visual illustrates the varying exposure periods needed for different volumes. The results are quite alarming!

Workers who are exposed to loud noises should be protected by their employer. If they aren’t they are eligible to make a hearing loss claim against their employer. Although this may give you compensation after, it is much better to avoid developing hearing loss in the first place. Here also is a list of different loud jobs and the levels that they are exposed to.

This infographic was brought to you by Atrium Legal, specialists in hearing loss compensation, assisting workers whose employers has let them down.

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