How Far Can Popular Cars Go On Empty Fuel?

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We’ve all experienced it: You’re cruising down the freeway, trying to make it to that all-important work meeting when your gas light comes on. But there’s just not time to stop. You have to make it on time or you’ll be in big trouble with the boss. How did this story end? It may very well depend on the car you drive.

How Far Can Your Car Go After Fuel Light Turns On? – Infographics

Fuel Usage Comparison between Popular Cars - Infographics

When your gas light goes on, you have a certain amount of miles you can drive without absolutely having to get gas. And depending on the car you drive, that number of miles varies. For example, if you drive a Chevrolet Silverado, you get 33.02 miles before you must stop at a gas station. However, if you drive a Toyota Corolla, you can get up to 47.39 miles. And there are other cars that get somewhere between these two vehicles, such as a Ford Focus at 39.02, VW Jetta at 43.61, and a Honda Accord at 46.87.
So before you just “try your luck,” make sure you know just how far your car can go. It might be the difference between a good day, and, well, losing your job.

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