House Hunting Across The Nation | Infographics

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One of the Wall Street Journal’s top ten best cities for real estate investors, Baltimore, Maryland is a great example of a prime location for your next rental property investment. Baltimore is an ideal city for a number of reasons. For one, Baltimore’s home values have reached their bottom; providing an opportunity for maximum gains to investors. Located in an East Coast metropolitan area, Baltimore is a well-populated area with steady employment. Military programs have also brought additional personnel to the Fort Meade area.  As a college town, Baltimore’s housing demand remains high as many students and professors seek off-campus housing.  Students facing rising tuition and other costs are highly motivated to save wherever possible and in some cases, on-campus housing can be more expensive than renting off-campus. Retirees are attracted to college towns as well, due to their regular cultural and sporting events. Near to the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., Baltimore is also home to many government employees. In the top ten percent nationally for real estate appreciation, Baltimore is considered a great place for long-term real estate investment.

House Hunting Across The Nation | Infographics

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