Health Care: Not As Caring As It Seems? | Infographics

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You may be surprised to hear that in 2011/12 the NHS received 150,859 complaints. A report from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman which was released at the close of2012 showed that over 16,000 of these had to be referred to them for resolution. If a person is not happy with the response they receive after making a complaint to the NHS the next step is to take it to the ombudsman for advice and if appropriate, investigation.

Health Care: Not As Caring As It Seems? | Infographics

Health Care Not As Caring As It Seems Infographics


It is reported that in 2011/12 50% more people contacted the Ombudsman because of the NHS refusing to admit mistakes in care. This is when compared to the previous year. In 35% of the cases resolved by the ombudsman the complainant was felt that poor communication was at the heart of the problem.

During 2011/12 the Ombudsman identified what they termed as ‘systematic issues’ in 199 health care organisations. These organisations had to draw up a detailed action plan in order to resolve these issues and satisfy the Ombudsman.

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