Head and Brain injury Stats | Infographics

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Did you know that over 1m people each year visit accident and emergency units across teh UK as a result of a head injury? Did you know that men are twice as likely to incur a head injury than women and that victims of head injuries can be left with much more than just physical damage? Head and brain injuries can lead to emotional and mental issues, and in serious cases theresults can be life-altering.

Head and Brain injury Stats

Head and Brain injury Stats

Head and Brain injury Stats

There are many preventative measures that you can take to help decrease the risk of obtaining a head injury, some of which you can find out about in this infographic produced by Neil Hudgell Solicitors. Learn about the main causes of head an brain injuries, who is most at risk and what some ofthe most common effects are.

Head injuries are a very real issue in the UK and everything that can be done to prevent such accidents from occuring, should be done.

This infographic was created by Neil Hudgell Solicitors – a UK based solicitors firm that specialises in brain and head injury compensation claims.

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