Food Facts: Save Calories by Swapping this Summer!

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So, what tasty food items can you eat over summer and save calories at the same time?  Here are some interesting facts!

– A mouth-watering slice of cheesecake can save you over 100 calories compared to some Victoria sponge cake.

– Who says you can’t enjoy a tipple without piling the pounds on?  There’s only 89 calories in a gin and tonic, compared to 239 for a pint of cider!

– Summer is salad season, so give your green leaves some oomph with a little dressing. Some salad dressings can be super fattening, so choose a figure-friendly option such as honey and mustard.

– You can still enjoy a guilt-free BBQ if you’re watching your figure. Choose a chicken fillet burger with salad and consume only 4g of fat, compared to 30g of fat for a quarter pounder cheeseburger.

– Potato salad sounds healthy enough, right?  Think again, if you’re watching your calorie intake. Select a small baked potato instead and you’ll save yourself a pleasing 49 calories!

– When it’s time to cool down, a tasty icy treat is just the ticket. Ditch the Magnum if you’re calorie counting, and save 166 calories by opting for a Solero instead!

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Food Facts: Save Calories by Swapping this Summer! 

Food Facts Save Calories by Swapping this Summer

Food Facts Save Calories by Swapping this Summer

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