Did a Screen Freeze Bring Your Day to a Halt? | Inforgraphics

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Why does my computer keep freezing up?  Why does this blue screen error keeping happening?  How can I protect my computer and prevent these things from happening in the future?  Many things can cause your computer to freeze up such as fragmented data, a corrupted registry, spyware, and a lack of available memory.  To check for and prevent fragmented data, you should run a disk defragmenter.  It will scan your computer and fix all of the fragmented files and put them back together.  To free up space and streamline your registry, you should delete useless or unnecessary programs and services.  To get rid of spyware or malware, you should strengthen your current antivirus or security system.  If you don’t have one, it is highly recommended that you invest in one.  If you use a disk defragmenter, delete unnecessary files, and bolster your antivirus software, you should instantly see a difference in your computer’s behavior.

Did a Screen Freeze Bring Your Day to a Halt? | Inforgraphics

Did a Screen Freeze Bring Your Day to a Halt | Infographics


Guest Author: Erin Walsh is the Director of Public Relations for Boost Software. She is an avid blogger that enjoys sharing her knowledge with the everyday computer user, by helping them speed up their slow computer, clean up their pcs, update their registries, and identify and update drivers. You may find more of her blog posts at PC Health Boost.

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