Climate Change in the American Mind

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Global warming has been a hot-button topic for politicians for years, but now it seems the issue is pervading the typical American’s mind. Learn what the average American thinks about climate change including if it’s happening, why it’s happening, and what they think our political leaders should do about it.

According to our data which polled over 1,000 Americans, approximately 30% of people believe developing new sources for clean energy is a high priority for President Obama and Congress, and about 15% of people think global warming is a problem that should be tackled aggressively in the President’s term. Economic issues remain the number one political issue, however leading the clean energy industry may just be a viable solution to both problems.

Climate Change in the American Mind

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Whether you agree or disagree with the legitimacy of global warming, it’s becoming more apparent Americans are starting to take notice. Going green has become an unstoppable movement prevading super markets, retail stores, automobile production, even service industries. The green community is ever-increasing in numbers and passion and has become one resounding voice for legislative and social change.

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