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Cashmere is known for its softness and warmth. Just the word cashmere evokes a sense of luxury and quality not found in other garments. It is a type of wool woven from the soft undercoats of goats, which is washed and spun into yarn to produce the terrifically soft fabric for which cashmere is so well known. Lighter than sheep’s yarn, it is up to eight times warmer and infinitely lighter than its woolly counterpart. But what, exactly, makes cashmere so much more expensive than other types of wool?

What Gives Cashmere its Luxurious Quality?

Cashmere Quality Infographics

Cashmere Quality Infographics

The process of cultivating cashmere may lend to its price tag and certainly exhibits its quality over other types of fiber. Good quality cashmere comes from the longest and finest hair that grows closest to the goat’s underbelly and neck. It is harvested by hand and washed before it can be spun into yarn. It can take the harvest of several goats to make a single sweater, thus lending to a scarcity that only increases its desirability. While all the hair that is harvested from these areas of the goat can be spun into yarn that is labeled cashmere, the fibers that are longer and finer will result in a much softer, higher quality cloth. The slightly thicker, shorter hairs are scratchier and will often be combined with other yarns to create a cashmere blend. However, even a cashmere blend will create a material that is much softer to the touch than other types of wool.
The quality of cashmere is also dependent on the region in which it was harvested and processed. Mongolia is well known for harvesting some of the finest quality fibers. Europe, and in particular, Scotland, is known for the best finishing process that result in the spinning and weaving to create fabric that is world-renowned for its elegant look and feel. The wool that is treated and knitted in Scotland is prized for its drape, suppleness and warmth. The manufacturing of the wool, including dyes and cuts, affects the final product and a sub-par process can compromise the end quality.
Like any luxurious product, cashmere is a timeless investment. No other fabric can exactly mimic a high-quality cashmere item in comfort, feel or warmth. Unlike other splurges, the softness of cashmere only increases with each wear. Plus, nothing feels quite like cashmere. When it’s cold outside and you want to wrap up in something that will keep you warm without weighing you down, simply no other wool will do quite like cashmere.

This infographic was created by, knitwear specialists based in Hawick, Scotland.

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