Building Cost of The London’s Skyline

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Looking back to the history of tall structures, London began with the compelling 27 meter White Tower way back in 1098. In London today, there are at least 30 towers built in the pipeline; however, the majority have been recently critiqued to meet inferior quality and guidelines and some even put on hold, such as the 288 meter ‘Pinnacle.’

The Cost Of Building London Skyline

Building Cost of London Skyline


We knew Ken Livingstone ushered in a new skyscraper during his time as Mayor of London, but the craze for height has continued under Boris Johnsons; which leaves us probing the rift between the planning systems and questioning where all the money is coming from!

There’s no doubt that these towers can be beautiful, and part of the genius of London’s ability to change but units of speculation stacked high, garnished with developers ego seems to be meandering for taxpayers; who want to see how and where their money is being spent.

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