Being Right for a Left Brain Writer

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As a writer it can be very easy to churn out thousands of words each day. You might have noticed that when writing certain subjects are easier to write about. Of course for many writers this could be because you have specific experience in that particular area. However, it could also be to do with how your brain interprets things.

To help understand this further it is perhaps relevant to know that the human brain is split into two very different areas. Put simply there is a left and a right side to the brain. Each person will have one side that is more dominant than the other.

Depending just how dominant your left or right brain is will affect the way in which you interpret information. Experts refer to this as either left or right brain thinking. A left brain thinking person will be much more analytical than their right brain counterpart, preferring hard facts and numbers. In contrast the right brained person will nearly always be more creative, enjoying works of fiction and of course creative writing.

As a left brained writer you will probably notice that you prefer to work with more of an initial outline. It can be harder to write as you go. In complete contrast, the right brained writer will be more comfortable working on the “hoof”.

Being Right for a Left Brain Writer

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This infographic will demonstrate ways that either side of the brain can be stimulated. Visuals can be useful to help the more dormant right side of the brain, if you happen to be a left brained thinker. Whereas right brained thinkers can help their lesser sides, by working with numbers or even playing complicated games like chess. With both sides working in tangent, higher quality writing is normally the outcome.

As a left brained thinker, Ian Phillips is a writer that recognises the importance of stimulating the other side of his brain. This has been especially useful when writing content for guest blogging services.

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